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HacktoberFEST 2019 (PRs challenge completion)

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“Simply, I am a FLOSS Enthusiast. I am also a proud Fedora Linux user and looking to be an active contributor one day. I am available on Telegram as @didiksupriadi41

Didik Supriadi is a student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics in Institut Teknologi Bandung. He is interested both in Software Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops), thus intrigued by DevOps’ mindset.

His Dev ability is Java programming, Design Patterns, and Git Flow.

  • He is confident in his familiarity with Java API and Frameworks thus currently pursuing an OCA Java SE 8 Programmer Exam.
  • About design patterns, he keeps struggling to learn about them since there are a lot of them, but for now, he is confident enough with its basic.
  • Since Didik is an Open-source oriented person, he is often contributing through GitHub, whether it’s maintaining project [example], PRs to upstream [example], or submitting issues [example].

His Ops ability is Linux, Cloud, and Packaging Software.

  • When he encountered Fedora for the first time, he started to get interested in sysadmins stuff.
  • He is also able to manage VMs and Servers (even AWS or local), do the configuration, and make things fast with bash scripting.
  • He also does packaging software for Ubuntu (e.g. PPA) and Fedora (e.g. COPR).

Didik Supriadi

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